Microsurgery Reconstruction

What is microsurgery?

Microsurgery is a cutting-edge surgical technique used to repair blood vessels and nerves that are only a few millimetres in diameter. It is performed with the help of a microscope and extremely small, delicate instruments.

Why is microsurgery necessary?

Plastic surgeons highly specialized in microsurgical reconstruction can carry out surgery on areas that were once considered impossible to reconstruct or rebuild. This includes surgery on problems affecting the face, breasts, hands, torso or legs.

What are the applications of microsurgery?

There are numerous advanced applications for microsurgery. Here are a few examples:

For patients who have had cancer, part of the leg can be used to reconstruct the face, or a part of the belly can be used to reconstruct a breast.

Microsurgery can also be used to repair the hands or legs of injured patients.

In patients born with a disfigurement, or for those with facial paralysis, microsurgery can give a patient the ability to smile.

Dr. Bourget is one of the few plastic surgeons from Montérégie to have completed a second specialization in reconstructive microsurgery to master all its techniques.

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